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If you or your company like cargo-semver-checks, please ✨ sponsor my work on it ✨

With your sponsorship, I could work on:
- catching dozens of new breaking changes
- making perf even faster
- getting it merged into cargo itself

I'd love to make it a project that can help pay my rent, instead of being just a project I poke at in spare time.

💖 RTs highly appreciated 💖

#rust #rustlang #semver
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I have not had a chance to revist Trustfall after our chat but as god is my witness it is something i needed 3 years ago.

Huh, looks like Reddit is dying, destroying their API, like Twitter is doing. Combined with them destroying their web interface, that's just bad all around.

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You know, people complain about how readily ChatGPT will just make stuff up if it doesn't know something, but—this is actually reflective of how people behave.

In practice I have found it's really difficult to get "I don't know" or "I don't understand" out of a person, and they're far more likely to try to think up an answer to a question or even just confabulate something.

I haven't figured out a good way to fix this yet. Adding "it's okay if you don't know" to the end of a question can feel judgmental, as if I am bringing into question the default assumption that it was okay to begin with.

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A key example I ran into when traveling with a friend: "can you tell me if this dish is cooked in a pan that's also used for shrimp or other shellfish?"

Bad answer: "No, you're fine"

Good answer: "I don't think so but I'm not sure, I'll ask the chef"

...whoa, this is epic!

"For more than a decade now, the fact that people have a hard time gaining actionable insights from their data has been blamed on its size."

The real issue is that business people usually ignore what the data says. Wading through data takes a huge amount of thought, which is in short supply. Data Scientists are commonly disregarded by VPs in large corporations, despite the claims about being "data driven". Most corporate decision making is highly political, the needs of/whats best for the business is just one parameter in a complex equation.
Negative Bias? indeed both political parties use it, but regardless of the events of the time period, there are always going to be Current and Possible Good News and Bad News.
Very clever actually.

South Korea doing wut?

Moved friendica servers

Moved friendica servers, no clue how to restore posts from my account backup (the point of it being what then?) as of yet, might need to inject in the database, we'll see, but no history for now.
Wow but this server is certainly faster...